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In this community, I share some things from my music, books, experiences in life, miracles, healings, and things we've experienced in our travels around the country, Canada, Alaska, on my America Dare To Dream Tour. I want folks to be able to discover and pursue their God-given dreams and win. What does it take to discover them? If we can connect, help one another, and join together, we can fulfill Father's dream for our generation and change this world into a better place.
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Are You Ready? ...for Such A Time As This!

This is my first video on Locals. This is all new to me, so I hope this new journey will help us all come together and help one another. In this video, I share a segment of my new song, SUCH A TIME AS THIS from my new album SOMEBODY'S HERO, and I talk about us all a bit. Why are we here? Is our time now? What are we going to do about it? I also share some experiences in our travels with my AMERICA DARE TO DREAM Tour. I hope it encourages you to go for your God-Given Dreams.

Joseph James


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Miracles | Day By Day | MIRACLES IN THE JOURNEY by Joseph James

What does it mean to walk Day By Day? For different folks it means different things, but what if you desperately need miracles every day to survive? What's that like? How can we walk in the miraculous? I share some of our journeys and experiences. I hope you are encouraged to launch out further into the deep, where the miracles take place on a daily basis. Are you ready to fly?

Thank you for watching, praying for us, and for your support.
Joseph James


Joseph James Website |
Joseph James FB Page |
Janiece's Story, Biography, Upcoming Movie |
Janiece's Movie GoFundMe Project |
Janiece's Movie FB Page |
Joseph James Rumble Artist Page |
Joseph James YouTube Artist Page |...

Secrets on Hotels, Banks, Debit/Credit Card Charges & How to Keep Your Money While Traveling | MIRACLES IN THE JOURNEY by Joseph James

Have you gone on a trip lately and stayed in hotels, perhaps gotten a car rental only to find that your Debit/Credit Card was charged more than necessary and those dreaded Authorizations that place more of your funds on hold for many days after, as many as 21? Perhaps you only had a certain amount set aside to spend for that trip, but after your stay you had to cut everything else short because you couldn't access those funds. Maybe you even spent hours on the phone with the hotel and the bank. What do we do to avoid this?

We have been Diamond members with Hilton for 5 out of the last 7 years. We've learned a lot on our tour over the last 10 years and I'm going to share some tips and how to keep your money on your vacation or whatever trip you're on. The Banks and Hotels are going to cover themselves, but that leaves us to stand up for ourselves. The Hilton hotel staff really want to help, but you need to talk to them and let them know. They want folks to come back. Here are some secrets we've found and want to ...


The goal for this community is to help each other find our place in life and pursue our God-given dreams, to encourage one another, and perhaps network together to make this world a better place to live.

In this, I share from our life experiences, the books and music I've written and my wife's true story. My wife and I are both ordained ministers and have done a lot of individual life coaching, inner healing and deliverance. We will also be doing interviews with others at some point.

We've traveled for over 10 years going where the Lord told us, 37 states and through Canada to Alaska on our own dime. Now, we're using this platform to reach many and to also help support us in our expenses as we do this, the music tour and the new upcoming movie about her true life story of miracles.

We would appreciate it very much if you would become a supporter at $5 a month to help us continue on. Hotels and traveling aren't cheap and we don't have a home. Some posts I share will only be for supporters as we want ...

Become A Part Of The Music Tour & Movie Project

HERE WE GO, AGAIN JUMPING INTO THE UNKNOWN! In order to do what the Lord is telling us to do, we are stepping back out there in spite of our circumstances, not sure where the road will lead, nor the things we will face. We've been traveling and ministering for the last 11+ years with only a storage in Boerne, TX, but have been in The Woodlands for the last 7 months, where I've been doing weekly shows here, (25), at the Hilton Homewood Suites. I was able to also work and provide our own way for most of those years.

THE MISSION | We Use Entertainment To Help Our Communities & Those With Mental Health Issues! Let’s Make America A Great Place To Live, Help Our Neighbors, Retain Our Freedom & Pursue Our God-Given Dreams! I WANT TO SEE THE SUICIDE RATE COME DOWN! How about you?

BE A PART | Many can't go out to do things, but can be a part of this outreach by your prayers and support. We need enough to cover our basic expenses, hotels, fuel, trailer rental, food, permits, print materials, etc. I plan to do 2-3 shows ...


THE MANHATTAN CHRONICLES Book by Noah Artis & Daniel Hartmann

Rumble Video:

IN THIS EPISODE, my guest is Daniel Hartmann. He shares with me some of the behind the scenes challenges and fun in writing the book. It was a 6 year journey and one of distance and obstacles. How did the story originate? Does it have anything to do with the Manhattan Project from the '40's? What kind of novel is it? What's so special about the characters? Are there more books to come from the universe they created?

Join me in this episode as we discover the answers to some of these hidden secrets. The book was just released before Christmas on Kindle and coming soon to Print and Audio.

Download your book today at:

WHAT'S YOUR STORY? What can you share with others to help encourage them? Find out how to write and share your story on my other podcasts. Also, discover your Life Dream as I go through each chapter of my book DREAMER'S INK, ...

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